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15. Dec, 2019

This is my grandson, Tahi who this week graduated with a Level 2 Fitness Trainer and Level 3 Personal Trainer certifcates. We are very proud of him. He has had such a hard row to hoe and is a sportsperson rather than an academic. He is also a brilliant artist but I don't think he sketches much these days. When he was eleven he injured his ac cartilage and growth plate playing rugby (which he loved). That ended his rugby as the growth plate on on side of his knee stopped growing so his leg grew in a bow shape. They couldn't do much till he stopped growing and then he had major surgery and plates to jack up the short side of the leg and let the bone fill in the gap. He started rowing and was doing so well but then the coach left and they couldn't get a replacement. He has applied for a couple of jobs in the fitness industry but is working for a delivery company in the meantime - he is such a good reliable kid/young man. All I want for Christmas is for him to get the position at the Waipa Fitness Centre but they probably won't appoint anyone now till the New Year -This would be his :dream job"

14. Dec, 2019

A lot of the colour washed out but this pale beige will probably be more useful as a background colour with eco prints on top so if I get a bit of time during next week I will try some of Janes new techniques with this fabric. It will be nicer than plain white even if the colour was disappointing in some ways. Of course I may have had way too much fabric for the beetroot water but as there was a full pot of beetroot I thought it would be sufficient but I had no way of measuring the strength of the beetroot water. Sometimes I find the mishaps end up being the most interesting of the pieces

13. Dec, 2019

My daughter brought me some beetroot that had been on clearance and having cooked the beetroot for bottling - the home made is so much nicer than the store canned type - I decided to use some of the scoured and mordanted cotton I had on hand to try and dye it with. I have dyed wool with beetroot and it goes a golden brown but this is the first time I have tried cotton. This was really pink when I first put it in the water but is gradually changing to a peach/brown shade. It has been boiling now for about 30 minutes so I will let it go another 30 minutes and then leave it to cool in the juice. A double bank from the beetroot if it is successful

12. Dec, 2019

I am gradually getting the pre-Christmas chores behind me. Yesterday I shampooed the carpet and put up the Christmas tree and today I have travelled over to see my sister who recently had knee replacement surgery. Getting ready for the days off when I can eco print eco print eco print and try out all the ideas in Jane's new book and some of my own!!!

11. Dec, 2019

Fuschias always remind me of my Mum. She gre them commercially for many years and I had "stock" plants in my garden for her to take cuttings off. This one is an older one that gets a bit rampant but it is always covered in flowers all Sumer