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16. Jun, 2019

There were all these lovely liquid amber leaves all over the lawn and I have to be realistic in how many I store for use over the winter so I decided to over print the piece of wool blanket. Here are the leaves spread out on the blanket ready to bundle. The bundling was a bit of a mission as it didnt quite fit on my bench in either orientation so the bundle wasn't as tight as I would have liked and rolling it onto a flexible hose so it would fit in my slow cooker/steamer didn't make things any easier but I did get it bundled eventually.

15. Jun, 2019

I don't do a lot of immersion dying but maybe I will do more after this little experiment. It was exciting unbundling the blanket. The rust washers left clare dark circles and the onion skins dyed the outer edges much more than the inner. You can see I bundled this in a diagonal direction - the onion skins didnt reach as well into the inner part of the bundle - hence the lighter area at the bottom left. I wonder if I left it in the bath longer if it would have permeated more. Perhaps something to try and a later date - maybe when the weather is warmer and I can do this outside. I have all the old (more than 7 years) documents from our business to dispose of now they have passed their tax redemption period so that might be a fun way to get that job done plus make something wonderful. The spaghetti lines toward the tow right are where the rubber bands were around the blanket and again the onion skin dye did not reach - maybe something else to play with - maybe with tight string resist like shibori

14. Jun, 2019

So here is my wool blanket bundle simmering happily in my onion skin bath in my eco dye slow cooker. You can see the laundry bag with the onion skins in it at the top of the pot. Wait till you see the finished piece

13. Jun, 2019

I watched an Indiana Flint promo video in which she wandered around gathering leaves and twigs and rusty bits and pieces and bundled them together and put them in a cauldron to simmer for a day. After all the controlled eco printmaking of the last few weeks it seemed very liberating so here is what I gathered. A piece of old (stained) woollen blanket (originally meant for Rusty's bed - but he has plenty of bedding) some onion skins a friend had just given me, some rusty washers, nails and other bits, some 50/50 vinegar and water (in the bottle, some leaves and some bark. I sprayed the blanket with the vinegar/water mix and then roughly bundlled the rst together and secured with rubber bands. The onion skins I put in an old laundry bag so I could easily extract them at the end. It is too wet and miserable here to do an outdoors fire so I put all this in my eco dye slow cooker (the ne I usually use for steaming. And left it simmering.

12. Jun, 2019

I cant show the whole thing as I am submitting this piece for consideration at NZ Quilt Symposium but i thought some of you might be interested in how using tea bags as aged skin - laminated onto fabric and painted with gel median and then, after stitching ,wet so that the teabags wrinkle a bit as well might look. You have to decide where you are gong to stitch before you begin as it is not easy to remove stitches without tearing the teabags underneath. It has been an interesting journey even if this piece is not accepted. I have to have it finished by the end of the month so am trying to work on it each day if I can. Grandma has been in hospital and then needing extra care at home so my progress hasnt been as good as I would have hoped but I am almost there. Just her raincoat to attach, facings and hanging sleeve to go