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22. Jan, 2020

didn't get any further with my eco dying experiment but I did sit for quite a while and stitch on the teabag stone wall which covers about half the quilt I want to submit for jury selection Going Green 2020. This is the tea bag fabric and you can see the random colouration of the bags and my stitching above. This sort of pattern is time consuming but the teabags now look like aged leather and have a very definite texture which is what I was trying to achieve. Once I get this completed I think the quilt will come together quite quickly but I can only work on this for so long and then need a break. I have three weeks to complete this before I must submit my completed photos and my daughter just dropped off two small tents and some mending that she would like to have done before the end of the month as they are going camping the long weekend of Waitangi in New Zealand. Today I will try walking down to work to attend the first staff meeting for the year. This will be the longest walk I have had since surgery so fingers crossed

21. Jan, 2020

I am alway trying to get better and more precise leaf prints with my eco dying. While my energy levels are still quite low I decided I might try and set up a test with some mordant ideas from reading Jane Dunnewold's book the Best of Both Worlds.The cotton I have used has been previously scoured and mordanted but I wanted to see if there was a difference with the mordants used here. The tub on the left contains soy milk - 1 cup to 4 of water. This fabric has stayed pristine white. The tub on the right is the tannin water extracted from the outer bark of Robin's oak burl. I thought it would be quite dark in colour but once I rinsed it, the fabric became just off white so it will be a good test to see if this tannin is suitable for use in my ongoing art work. Each piece was placed in the mordant cold and left over night before I rinsed it.

20. Jan, 2020

I have taken one of my gyotaku fish prints and begun to sitche over the body with very fine silver thread - it is awful to work with but gives the fish a glow without covering over the underprinting. I have attached the fish to black felt and the lower belly is small disconnected chain stitch while the upper part is larger disconnected fly stitch. I have started to use long thin threads of charcoal on the fin to delineate the shape and I will do the same on the tail and the bottom fin. At least it gives me something to work on while I ait with this damn catheter still attached.

15. Jan, 2020

Here is the blue filtered eco print. My friend, Jane thought the combined print centre left looked like a bug - I am known for using bugs in my work from time to time. I got this blue filer overlay with the thought of using is in my Hoffman challenge with the white but I think the format might be a bit bit for what I am trying to achieve. Off to the hospital now - it is just after 5 00 am

14. Jan, 2020

I altered this fabric with a pink overlay and I really like it. Unfortunately I only ordered a fat quarter of this but I am sure it will come in for something. The maple leaves and cotinus look quite different with the change in colour. There probably won't be any posts for the next few days as I have surgery tomorrow and will be in hospital and I do not know what access to internet will be like while I am there.