A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

9. May, 2021

I picked this up off an auction site and am now waiting for Jane Dunnewold's June course to begin. She uses a heat press to create her eco prints. There are plusses and minues with this. The big plus is that instead of steaming for at least 90 minutes, the prints can be made in 3 and you have more control over your composition. The downside is that you are limited to the size of the printing plate. I also want to do more with the Haf Weighton style prints with altering photos and heat setting them on fabric. I took lots of photos of mailboxes at the end of roads with the thought of creating a piece called "The Mail Comes to the End of the Road. All good winter projects once my Autumn clean up and cut back in the garden has been achieved.

8. May, 2021

In line with yesterday's post, I have saved these bits off my battle with the overgrown grapevine. Apparently grapevine makes excellent charcoal sticks. I have a lidded tin that I will stack these in and then I will put the tin in an outdoor fire and we will see what develops.

7. May, 2021

I am always interested in natural creations. This book works through making a range of paints, fabric paints and dyes using natural earth pigments. Something new to think about and try

6. May, 2021

This is the herb pillow I started embroidering after my surgery when my motivation was quite low and I had little energy and was pretty much couch bound. One thing about the end of my course was that I finished this off and am quite satisfied with the result even though it is not an original piece

5. May, 2021

This is what the flattened burnt teabag bowl looked like prior to molding it round a plastic bowl at the end. Even in this stage it has potential for textile art purposes