A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

3. Mar, 2021

My theme of Biodiversity is taking place in this creation now with the diverse additions of applique, beds, scrim dyed silk casts and French knots. I am enjoying working onthis in the evenings

2. Mar, 2021

This fortnight's challenge from stitch club is with Kate Tume and embellishment. She makes amazing art covered in beads and stitch. I have chosen the topic biodiversity for my subject matter and have made a background to embellish from dyed sheep 's wool slivers. I have teased out the slivers onto a woven base, covered them with solve and roughly free machined over the entire area, then washed away the solvy. Above is the substrate I am left with. Now I am ready to embellish. I need to wait for the base to dry now before I add beads and other bits and pieces

28. Feb, 2021

I had an amazing day at Cutting Edge Textiles making distressed leaves from teabags. I didn't take my machine so I had to hand stitch the veins of the leaves - much quicker with a machine. Then they were burnt using a incense joss stick to give the weathered look. I think these will be great as detritus on my forest floor of the wall hanging I am working on "Delicate Ecology" The teabags were layered with solvy and stitched and then rinsed under warm water to remove the solvy but I think you could just stitch through the teabags without solvy if the leaves fitted on a single teabag. The burning sort of took on a life of its own but the shapes are interesting with the burnt edged. When I retry this I will use a dark thread for the stitching so that the vein lines are more prominent

26. Feb, 2021

As Summer turns to Autumn here in new Zealand the hydrangea flowers start to semi dry out and turn wonderful metallic shades. I have found that by sandwiching them between layers of organza and stitching both across the petals and around the flower I can preserve the flowers with much of their original colours. I am intending to use some of these for the Jude Kingshott Textile.org Stich club challenge for the past fortnight. As I have been looking after Granma (95) after coming out of hospital, it has given me something to concentrate on while I sit with her at her place

23. Feb, 2021

Out from the plastic mask that I worked on and ready to mount on black felt. I am quite pleased with the result. His beard needs a little trim here and there but the challenge of working with opacity has been a great one. I am already thinking about other techniques i could use in a similar fashion. Like maybe a sea scape with the sea collages and then the foam/.spray made in cheesecloth. Sorry I can't work out how to make photos display in portrait on this platform. If I rotate him he gets partially cut off