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14. Jun, 2021

Blurring borders is a good name for this challenge as it keeps you focused on stitching over the edges of the cut up cloth. I am considering adding in some embellishments. Meditative stitching like this is fairly slow but very contemplative and definitely keeps one in the present. So far so good. I do still have a problem with fraying edges so I cheated a bit and did a figure of eight scribble stitch free motion on the sewing machine down the joining length of the fabric to hold the pieces firmly while i stitched and keep those edges from fraying. It is more difficult to hand stitch through those areas where I have used gel medium to laminate text to the piece but all in all it is progressing. That could have something to do with the thickness of the paper as I don't remember this problem when stitching through painted newspaper with layers of laminated paper. I have made it quite long as I want to wind it onto a spool - which I will have to make - when it is finished

13. Jun, 2021

We have been down to Rob's old aunt's funeral in Tawa Wellington. The weather was quite pleasant but it has closed in again now. Of course I am always mindful of being able t collect shots for future use and this is just a small rest stop on the side of the road where we stopped in the camper to make a cup of tea. I love the starkness of the trees against the interesting sky and clouds. The sunbeams add another dimension.

10. Jun, 2021

The temperatures haven't been that cold but the days have been damp and dreary. Is the emergence of these little "Spring" flowers a sign that we will have an early Spring. The days are really short now but we will soon be at the shortest day and that means we are on the way toward Summer. There have been terrible floods in the South Island with great gouges cut across the land but we have been lucky in that the weather bombs have just given us miserable weather with fog and dampness

9. Jun, 2021

The object of this exercise is to blur the boundaries so here I have cut the original piece of mark making into rough squares and randomly pinned them onto some curtain lining. The idea now will be to stitch across the joins so that the piece become homogenous. At the end the edges will be wired so that the strip can be folded into itself or wound onto a spool. I wanted to get this far because Robin's elderly Aunt passed away and tomorrow we will travel to Wellington for the funeral on Friday so I might get to stitch on this while we are away

9. Jun, 2021

I haven't been so enthused with some of the more recent workshops and after spending 35 hours a week during my course on creativity, I have stepped back a bit and concentrated on things that I had got behind on but this looks like a fun workshop. Here I have taped some recycled linen onto a plastic sheet and using just two colours and a range of sticks, credit cards and bits I have made a range of marks on the cloth starting with black on the left and turquoise on the right and then adding a bit of the opposite colour into the predominant one. I also laminated some scraps of text paper from an old book before I started but they are a bit hard to pic out in this photo. The next stage is to cut up this fabric and rearrange on a background fabric and then over stitch the edges to blurr the boundaries