A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

16. Sep, 2021

That load of agapanthus came out of this garden can you believe. Now I am planting with easy care bromeliads and succulents to give contrasts in colour and shape - bit like designing an art work really. The fence at the back is a bit grotty but I am not sure that it is worth painting. We might put up some plywood panels there for privacy and camouflage until the taller things at the back get established. It was a bit of a mission working in this garden as there were some seedling trees in this garden as well as the agapanthus and we couldn't get all the roots out so I have painted the roots with root stop and had to plant around them. This is out from the kitchen and dining room and there is enough space (in an L shape) to create a lovely little meditation/al fresco are between this and the house.

15. Sep, 2021

Feeling a bit weary now. Agapanthus is a common plant but in New Zealand, if it is not controlled and the seed heads removed, it becomes invasive. I have spent the last three days digging out clumps - some of them quite big- to clear the section so we can have alternative planting. Here is the ute loaded to go to the dump to get rid of them. It is quite a heavy load and I am so glad to have this job completed. I am looking forward to getting the section at Mokau under control so I can enjoy getting back to some of my art work, but needs must as the devil drives. We are headed back down there again today but most of the really hard work is done now. The lawns are a mess but they will even out. The weather didn't exactly play ball as it was very wet - mainly at night so moving vehicles around on the lawn meant mud holes in places

11. Sep, 2021

The first day we went down to Mokau for the cut back there were violent seas and a 5 m swell. Not the sort of weather you would want to be fishing in but wonderful for artistic inspiration. I am looking forward to wandering along the beach and gathering bits and pieces for my mixed media work. This sort of sea is more inspirational for that than the calmer days when playing in the water or going out over the bar to fish is more in vogue. Our place is a lttle way from the beach - probably a 10 minute walk. We looked at one place right on the beach but the sea roars in there and it is in the "red zone which means it could be in danger of eventually being eaten away by the ravaging Tasman sea. It would have been lovely to just walk out of the house and over one dune to the beach but probably not as safe as where we are. Some houses further down this street have already been demolished by the sea's activity.

11. Sep, 2021

No posts the last couple of days as we have been back and forward to our new beach acquisition. As if we didn't have enough garden to care for, we purchased this cute little batch but the gardens, especially at the back, are very overgrown. We spent two days clearing the overgrowth on the right of this photo so we could get a vehicle round the back and yesterday we started on the foliage on the left. I will replant the gardens in bromeliads and succulents that do not need a lot of attention. The back is very protected and sunny and there is a built in area to dine and just enjoy the sun. I am hoping to reclaim the area out from the kitchen window which is on the left of this picture and create a special Carol meditation area. I have to work this weekend - we are moving back into level 2 Covid lockdown, but a team of family members have gone down there so I wonder what I will see when I get to go down again. Mokau is a little settlement mainly retirees and fishermen beach homes - many much grander than our little house. But it is actually bigger inside than it looks from the photo. It is a bit dated and has had interesting bits added on from time to time but I am sure we will create something relaxing from it oh - and that's my hubby standing alongside his ute. We have been loading the deck of the ute up and taking it up to Kim's burn pile. It will make a good bonfire for the kids to enjoy and then cook marshmellows in the embers. Mokau is just an hour from home so we will be able to go back and forward to enjoy the beach and fishing and whitebaiting and walks etc etc. Work hard now to be ready for summer!!!!

8. Sep, 2021

Our house is built on the foundations of the old Limedale butter factory and on one level of the grounds is this old water tank. I think at some stage in its history it may have been used as a pool but now the concrete is so deteriorated it wouldn't hold water except for when it rains at certain times of the year. There is an outlet hole at one end to drain it but that can be quite slow when we get a lot of rain. We have tried various ideas to do something with it and the latest has been this sunken garden which works OK over the summer but which ends up with a lot of leaf debris over the winter that needs to be cleared. I can grow quite exotic plants in the base like pony tail palms and bromeliads so that is what I have concentrated on doing over the last few years. It is a bit of a pain to keep clean so I have created some circular steps out of red fire bricks at one end to make it easier to get access to the bottom. I used other bricks to make plinths for some of the plants to be positioned on. My garden is really like a living quilt but one that often changes with the seasons