A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

21. Sep, 2020

This is the soft sculpture made in Clarissa Clavenden's Stitch club project. I wanted to get it completed before we go on holiday and I just kept adding embellishments, small and tiny seed beads, a length of tatting acquired from somewhere,some old jewellery chains at the bottoms end (the left in the picture. The top which you can't see has some pine needles sticking out with beads pushed well down the spines. The whole is bound with fine copper wire. It was a fun exercise and now I have to decide what to do with it

20. Sep, 2020

This is the paper towel that the ph sticks were drying on. It is so lovely I am going to keep it and try and use it in a collage work. It is red cabbage dye and methylated spirits so I am not sure if it will be light stable but I will leave it out for a bit and see what happens. Accidental extras like this are always interesting addins to my artwork

19. Sep, 2020

Here is my ph tester cotton bune. The left end I dipped in apple cider vinegar and it went a deeper red/purple. The left hand tip I dipped in salt and you can see the tip is a decided blue so I am ready to go with these testers now

18. Sep, 2020

The first time around my cotton buds weren't all that dark though when I checked them with salt or vinegar they definitely turned blue for alkali and reddish purple for acid. Maybe i didn't bruise the cabbage enough after cutting it up or maybe I was a bit mean on my ration of cabbage to methylated spirits. anyway. I cut up some more cabbage and reapplied the stick and now they are a nice deep purple colour, dry and contained in a plastic container waiting for me to test the ph of the water I use in eco or extraction dying

17. Sep, 2020

This week Stitch Club tutor is Clarissa Clarendon who is a textile artist who works in soft sculpture. We began by making soft puff shapes stuffed with dacron wadding and some pieces where knotting the fabric added texture. Some of the knotted lengths have been knotted again to ad a different textural look. Here is my piece pined together. I have to stitch it all together yet. I am thinking of using this in the gold panel of my transitions quilt project