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22. Jul, 2019

As i forewarned I have been away for a day and a half at the Winter retreat. It was great to meet up with some old friends but also reminded me that the days of piecing from a pattern seem to be from another lifetime for me. You can just see my "mess at the back - where the light is - my trusty eco light on a stalk finally gave up the ghost and I don't know where I can get another one from. I took along my eco printed samples and began quilting that in spaghetti quilting. I did get quite a long way but my back is feeling it now. Too long sitting in one place I guess. Not everyone's cup of tea but there were some lovely quilts there - almost lovely enough to convince me to do some piecing ???!!!!

21. Jul, 2019

And here it is stitched from the top side ready for the burning process. I now have to repeat this with the actual Tyvek to see what the difference is

21. Jul, 2019

so once I had drawn over the stencil I then simplified the design a bit for stitching so this is what it looked like before I stitched - remember this is the alternat building wrap not proper tyvek

19. Jul, 2019

I used a stencil to draw a pattern on the back of each pile of painted sheets. I have used the same stencil to try and get a good idea of how the different products work in the heating process. I used a sharpie pen to get clear lines because I need to stitch along them so that those places hold when I heat the tyvek which should wrinkle and go to holes to show the various coloured layers through to the top. I drew around the outside of the stencil as a border and then touched up the imprint to join up various parts so it was easier to stitch. for example the outer circle became just a circle and the next layer in became a continuous arc with a bleep out to the outer circle. It is quite a lot of work setting this up so I hope I am not disappointed. I am off the the Waitomo Society of Arts Winter retreat this afternoon so there may not be a post tomorrow - depending on internet access and how engrossed I become in the chill out time. It will be wonderful to have some time where I don't have to cook or worry about family and just indulge with like minded acquaintances. I am taking my old leaf/new leaf stitchery for show and tell. Unfortunately I have to work sunday so I will be home Saturday night but the break will be so welcome

18. Jul, 2019

I have long been interested in the distressed textures of tyvek but it is difficult to get in sizes that are good for me to work with. My stepson Mark sent me some house wrap that he uses (he is a builder but it doesnt seem to act like Tyvek when heated. In a second hand magazine issue of Textile Down Under there was an article of using Tyvek with stitch so I decided to see exactly what the differences were. First I painted 4 sheets of 10 x10 cut squares from each of the Tyvek and wall wrap. I have used jewel colours. The tyvek is on the right. The paint seemed to sit on the surface of the Tyvek but soaked in more on the wall wrap. Now I am waiting for it to dry.