A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

30. Sep, 2022

A lot of Shelley's course is concerned with mark making, fragmenting the mark making and making it whole again with other fragments. This piece includes dyed baby wipes, printed deli paper, a scrap from my drop cloth, a found metal spiral with beads added around it. Place, memory and grounding are all present in this manner of working which takes recycled materials as well as specifically marked fabrics to create the whole

29. Sep, 2022

Shelley encourages the use of mobile "art kits to draw impressions on things you find on walks etc. On of them is the use of luggage tags like this white one here. I have sketched the catkins of the willow trees. these are falling everywhere when I take the dogs for a walk in Motakiora. I have place an actual catkin alongside my impression. I have a new mini set of earth colour brush tipped pens which I am enjoying with this process

28. Sep, 2022

What was once an old rag doll lays in ruins around them as they continue to play tug o war games. The old dog is nearly 12 but he has reverted to many puppy plays since Lass arrived. She is growing so rapidly. At least it is an easy clean up!!!

27. Sep, 2022

I don't seem to have much to post creatively at the moment but it is always a joy at this time of year to see the garden treasures popping up around the garden. These hellebores (winter roses) are a bit of a rogue in my garden. I can never quite understand why they are so expensive in the garden centres. This is part of the back bank and they are prolific seed producers. If you look carefully you will see the seed pods in the centre of the flowers. This bank is quite steep and I have let them reproduce to cut down on maintenance because even in the winter, their leaves are quite attractive. I do have to spray the tiny seedlings to keep them from completely taking over and choking out some of the other plants - like my flag irises. I am hoping to see them flowering in the next month or so

26. Sep, 2022

I live in an area that is surrounded by a farm park - Matakiora and it is always great at this time of year to see the young lambs running to their Mums for sustenance and reassurance when I take my dog for a walk through the park. I get a lot of inspiration from the changing facets in the park and sometimes forage for green walnuts (for ink), chestnuts and mushrooms etc. It is a truly lovely place to have so close to us and unfortunately under utilised by locals - or maybe that is to my advantage as a wander around with my camera and collecting bag