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23. Jun, 2020

Whatever exercises we do informs our work going forward. Emily Tull who does the most amazing hand embroideries of disembodied facial parts and fauna has encouraged me to look closely at lips and how the shape and contours change with different expressions. My ever patient husband had to be my model for this and he is such a good model to work with as the colours and lines in the changing expressions are clearly defined. whether I can stitch that by hand remains to be seen. I did have a go at sketching them but they don't look so much like lips on the page - maybe because they are disembodied and the stitch direction may give better definition. we will see

21. Jun, 2020

My daughter, Kim is designing an outdoor interactive series of activities behind doors and this is the openings door that I put together for her. the top band is a clip and release the zip has braid underneath it. The bright shiny rectangle has velcro to open it and more braid for little ones to find underneath. Teh pockets - button and snap have items on a cord that can be taken out and put back in. this is just one of the functions of kid's fun she is developing at Smarty pants - her kids store.

20. Jun, 2020

This was just done in my sketchbook so not on proper water colour paper. The paper bubbled a bit while it was wet but it has dried out OK and you can see the water colours have bled nicely into each other so a technique to keep in the back of my mind especially as I move into my art course next week. This would also be a good simple exercise to do with children. On fabric it could be stitch enhanced to bring out the more dimensional nature of things like the wings and feet and maybe free machine flatten the background areas. Of course it is not the right way up but then if I rotate it I loose part of the picture so this will have to represent the effort for now

19. Jun, 2020

This is a technique from Design matters TV. It is basically a resist method. Using oil pastels you scribble on a page - you can see my turquoise sample at the top of my sketchbook. You then place this face down onto your paper and use either a stencil or a picture and trace over it with a standard pencil. The oil pastel paper can be reused several times. You can see i have done a quick outline of a bird and some circles. Now for the interesting part. using water colours you can paint the picture and the water colour will not go beyond the oil pastel lines. - yet to do that bit!!!

18. Jun, 2020

So this is what the completed trio of containers from Debbie Lyttons challenge looks like. The wire around the top opening keeps them in three D and allows for the play of light and shadow at the top of the assemblage. I have always had a fascination with light since doing an online course with Linda Germain where we were encouraged to take photographs of shadow patterns. And then Meredith Woolnough's beautiful 3 D needle stitched pieces that are mounted on mount board with pins so that they stand off the surface and create another dimensions from their shadows. Each of the pouches has its own stone in place. I think the kids will b delighted that Granny has made this home for them.