A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

13. Sep, 2019

I had to try this even thought the"fabric wasn't really stiff enough to hold the folds well. this is left over teabag stamped fabric from the "Through the lens of Steve McCurry " quilt and after Saturdays learning effort I thought it would be fun to try and make a folded box from fabric. I also want to try one from the iron blanket papers laminated onto fabric but I will probably use vilene or something stiffer to make that

12. Sep, 2019

Here is a closeup of the quilting on yesterday's post. I am drawn to quilting and texture art by both colour and texture and this is a great example of using a myriad of textural quilt designs in contrasting colours and patterns to support the boldness of the image. I still tend to fill one area in a set quilt pattern in free machine quilting but the quilter has thrown this convention to the wind and created a myriad of shapes and directions which support the overall composition. I will be keen to try this in a quilt soon - maybe one of my UFOs that wait to be quilted in sheet form. Until I learnt to free machine quilt I was not very productive in finishing off quilts that I had finished the tops of and I didn't want to have someone else quilt them because then I felt I lost ownership of the quilt. Quilt by hand is a slow process and my fingers do't thank me for that these days. Free machine quilting has given me the ability to do extensive quilting without pain from the arthritis in y thumbs - but I still like to make new projects so my intention is to finish one quilt for every new quilt I make. I will get there, the stash is getting smaller

11. Sep, 2019

Quilts are certainly changing and becoming more multi media. This beautiful quilt with its impact in colour and design includes paint, fabrics and the most wonderful quilting. I love the way the colours reach up from the darker oranges to the yellow at the top and flames echo the lower colours. I have started to analyse the composition of quilts I like because this is becoming important in my own designs. I would say this is a pyramid design with very specific emphasis in placing the main component on the 9 section grid for maximum impact. The quilting on this was superb and echoed the swirling nature of fire and flames. Sorry I do not have the artist's name

10. Sep, 2019

Tamara had a job interview this morning and Grandma has a doctors appointment this afternoon so not much creative work going on but I am buoyed up by the signs of spring and if it ever stops raining long enough I will get out there and start organising the garden for the Summer. Here is a corner by the house with the bright sparks of the clivias and my metal kiwi on top of the limestone wall. This area is pretty easy care but other areas need a good weed and cut back before the main Spring growth gets here

9. Sep, 2019

In spite of the rain, or maybe because of it, the daffodils are making a superb display under the trees down the drive this year. This is what greets me each time I come in. aren't they a joy. They always remind me of Wordsworth's Ode to Daffodils. The only problem with them is we can't mow the lawn until they start to die down or we don't get flowers the following year