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18. Jun, 2021

Here is row of kahawai gyotaku prints some of these ended up in my Hoffman challenge quilt for this year which i am just beginning to quilt now. I have till the end of July but the time goes so quickly that it will be time to send the entry off before I know it!!!

17. Jun, 2021

I am finding this a very relaxing way to spend the evening. You can see where i have overstitched the mark making in this photo. I still have about 4 inches (100mm) to complete the strip before I add the wire to the edges and try to wind it on a spool which I will have to custom make. I have a sturdy cardboard roll that I will cut to the right width and then I will add a top and bottom from some cardboard disks I have. The wire down the edges will enable me to either keep it easily on the spool or bend it into interesting shapes as it comes off the spool. I hope I can get it completed before the next Stitchclub workshop

16. Jun, 2021

I saw on a Youtube video embossing foil images so I had to try it. Maybe it will springboard me back into working on the junk journals I have in progress. These are strips from my coffee packets . The top one is just as it came out of the embossing folder. The bottom one I have darkened with printing ink - probably need to have a bit of a play around with what works the best but pretty pleased with a few minutes test trials

15. Jun, 2021
14. Jun, 2021

Blurring borders is a good name for this challenge as it keeps you focused on stitching over the edges of the cut up cloth. I am considering adding in some embellishments. Meditative stitching like this is fairly slow but very contemplative and definitely keeps one in the present. So far so good. I do still have a problem with fraying edges so I cheated a bit and did a figure of eight scribble stitch free motion on the sewing machine down the joining length of the fabric to hold the pieces firmly while i stitched and keep those edges from fraying. It is more difficult to hand stitch through those areas where I have used gel medium to laminate text to the piece but all in all it is progressing. That could have something to do with the thickness of the paper as I don't remember this problem when stitching through painted newspaper with layers of laminated paper. I have made it quite long as I want to wind it onto a spool - which I will have to make - when it is finished