A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

21. Mar, 2020

This week I made some wax wraps to put over food containers and wrap sandwiches in. I purchased the bees wax and jojoba blocks already mixed in blocks as I wasn't to o sure that I wanted the quantities that you had to buy of the raw product. The washed fabric is pinked around the edge and then you simply melt the wax and apply it one side of the fabric with a cheap brush. The fabric is then put on a sheet of tinfoil and put in an oven at 100 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes to allow the wax to go right through the fabric. Once it is cool the wax allows the fabric to wrap around the top of a bowl as you can see in the picture or seal a package shut. Cleaning is just a rinse under cool water - hot water will melt the wax in the fabric. You can see in the photo above I have one wrap around a left over bowl. I keep the wraps in the fridge when not in use.

20. Mar, 2020

Some years ago, when I first started thread painting I created an image of my great grandfather and his sons with their bullock team in the bush. You can see a photo of this somewhere under the quilt journey entries. Now I am trying to recreating this scene using collage techniques. I am finding it mor difficult - possibly because I am trying to stay with more realistic colours rather and that takes away my concentration on colour value. Here is the head of the first of the bullocks. It is slow going as I am not finding much time to work on this but maybe with the lock down due to Covig 19 I will get to work on this more. I also want to start on thread painitng or collage and African animal series so if we are isolated at home I will have plenty to work on. the government just closed our borders last night so the only people who can enter are New Zealanders returning home and on an NZ passport.

19. Mar, 2020

Baby has arrived and I had decided to make the fabric painting of rabbits the centre of a crib quilt for him. I have bordered the quilt with blue and then green and am making 9 patch blocks top and bottom to make it long enough. Just random 2 inch squares down the sides. I have neddlestitched over parts of the rabbits to give them some texture and make the fur look more upstanding. I had to be careful not to overdo it and lose the painting underneath.

18. Mar, 2020

In this square the big artichoke and the rose hip (top right) are prints on albaca (tea bag)paper gel medium top and back. I am amazed at how this integrates into the fabric. The dandelions are a thermofax and the green leaves a wood block with paint dabbed on. The other images are stamps. with the worsening situation with the corona virus I am so pleassed I have lots of art supplies to keep me busy over the next few weeks/months while the world works through this worsening situation.

17. Mar, 2020

Top left and bottom right i tried adding in a single layer of paper towel iron blanket from my eco dying. I have now lightly worked into the outlines to enhance the prints. The bottom left is a print on albaca paper (some teabags are made of this) It is quite hard to source but I have ordered some from Margherita at Cutting Edge Textiles. When it arrives Jan and I will have to self isolate in my studio and work away. The lotus flower stamps in this one have been darkened by dabbing ge medium on them. doing this has to be delicate so the paint/ink on the stamp doesn'
t bleed. This particular stamp is an acrylic one and I have found that the best way to use stamps in this sort of composition is to dab he paint onto the stamp with a foam swab being careful to not over wet the stamp and then place firmly on the fabric. I have been using a bamboo barin to insure the pressure I place on the stamp is even overall