A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

14. Nov, 2019

True spring weather. I have just finished taking the heads off the hellebores on the back bank so they don't seed everywhere. This is the shady side of the bank with the big limestone rock in the middle. The tree on the front right is the persimmon tree - here's hoping we get another good crop this year.

13. Nov, 2019

First round of dyed teabags. I will have to go back to saving and dye a heap more to get a background together but the dolours are quite bright - the paler ones are some natural teabags (undyed) which i think i will incorporate into the mix

12. Nov, 2019

I like to recycle and use objects in my art that would otherwise be rubbish. In this instance I am using used teabags again, I have wet them and then added about 1 tablespoon of soda ash water and a tiny amount of procion dye powder to five teabags in sealable plastic bags. Using the low immersion method i have microwaved these for 30 seconds. The colours seem really intense in the teabag so we will see how bright they are once they are dried

11. Nov, 2019

A garden takes as much or as little as you will give it and returns in coin with its abundance. At this time of the year I am busy transferring compost mulch from lawn and leaves onto the garden to keep weeds down and to retain moisture over the summer months. It had got quite dry for this time of the year until yesterday when the storm clouds opened and we have a god soaking. These beautiful old blue bearded irises are in full flower. These ones came from my my mother'n law's garden many years ago. I have a bt of a collection of irises and am always tempted when i see them for sale. I seem to have a lot of really dark rich coloured ones at the moment but the white one and sea breeze (a very pale blue have also been flowering magnificently. The new ones I purchased last year won't flower until next year so that will be exciting. They are growing OK so they obviously like it on the clay bank and they stand up nice and tall and the spear like leaves give a different texture to the other plants in the foreground and the trees further back

10. Nov, 2019

I am slowly getting little parts of my eco quilt spaghetti quilted, It is interesting how not only the visual texture but the hand of the fabric changes as I work on the close stitch lines almost parallel. This is in the essence of boho quilting which was done by hind whereas I am using a chine but it has been interesting to find how the different base fabrics on the squares have been to quilt this closely - the fabrics are cotton, silk and linen. I find it quite soothing to sit and stitch for a while especially in the morning if I can find a break. Everything seems so full on at this time of the year that the slow speed of filling in the negative spaces of the quilt helps restore some sort of normal rhythm