A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

17. Jul, 2019

My youngest grandchild, Peata, has just started school in May and they are working on a presentation for parents singing "Who Let the dogs Out". Peata is a dog of course and will wear a onsey but needed some ears and a tail so Granny to the rescue. I had some furnishing velour in my stash so hear are the ears attached to a hair band ready for her to try on. I have lined them with some shot satin. I wanted to get these done before I go to Indonesia for Shoppinton at the end of the month soi getting things ticked off my list here.

16. Jul, 2019

When my children were small I was a spinner and knitter and I spun and knitted so many jerseys for them and for friends and family that I sort of knitted myself out. Last year I saw this lovely scarf and pattern in a craft shop and was tempted to buy the pattern. When I was tidying up my craft corner (where I sit at night) I came across the pattern and then I saw this wonderful yarn so now I am back knitting at night (not that I need another scarf) but the repetition of stitch stitch stitch will be good for me while I think about the next handwork project I will tackle at night. If I don't do something, I fall asleep in front of the television. This pattern has taken me a bit of getting into as you cast off in the middle of one row and then cast on again in the next to get the holes in honeycomb effect. It is 4 ply so will grow quite slowly but then there are only 2 ball of yarn so it shouldn't be too daunting for me to get back into. The first jersey I ever knitted was a 4 ply faire aisle top and I never thought I would get it finished - but I did. Who knows I might decide I like to knit again although it is less energising following a pattern than creating something original

15. Jul, 2019

I have been working on this scarab beetle over the last few nights and I will add it to a page in my textile journal that I am trying to finally get put together. This one has a few things of interest for me. It is printed on hand dyed (procion dye) cotton and then screen printed with lumiere metallic paint from a freezer paper print stencil I made. The space dyed threads down his wings are also hand dyed (procion again) and the bead embellishments are just part of what I had on hand.

14. Jul, 2019

I have just played with this in my journal rather than on fabric at this stage so the stamped image is probably not as dark as it could be. The stamp itself is in the bottom right. I am trying to work on registration to create larger patterns from the simpler stamps. This is one of the things I am hoping to work on if I get to go to India with Colouricious next year

13. Jul, 2019

The purpose of using the organza is not just to hold together the snippets underneath but now with another layer of organza under the little fish I used a soldering iron to trace around the fish and melt away the organza with a seal. I hadn't used this technique before and it took a bit of getting used to. It works best with the soldering iron as close to 90 degrees to the fabric as possible. I left open the area from the under fin to the tail so I could slightly pad the body of the fish. You will have to wait to see the completed quilt as this one is going into another challenge = the Aotearoa quilt challenge with the theme silver. This will be the last challenge for 2019 and I will concentrate now on finishing some of the things I have underway but not quite finished.