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22. Feb, 2021

He looks a bit spooky now. I have finished the right side of his face but have yet to complete the eye area and of course his turban. I find this system quite fun to do and once the cheesecloth has the glue mix saturated through it, it is quite easy to manoevre

21. Feb, 2021

Using the same posterised image and a hard plastic overlay - I used dura lar - I have begun to work on the same image but instead of collage I am working entirely in cheesecloth. Where the collage image focused on values, this one focuses on intensity and direction of the cheesecloth to achieve the effects. Doling the beard in the collage image was a warm up for trying the whole portrait in cheesecloth. I may not get a lot of posts done this next week as I am caregiving for my mother 'n law (she is 95) who has just come out of hospital.

20. Feb, 2021

I went to have a coffee and put my glasses down on the portrait at the machine and suddenly there it was. I had an old pair of cheap glasses that had one arm broken off that we had kept in case we needed the screw from the remaining arm so a few destructive moments later Mr Singh had his own 3 dimensional glasses. Just need to apply him to the background and quilt the background so he stands proud of it now. Maybe I am ready now to try a portrait in cheesecloth only - Mary Pal style

19. Feb, 2021

It is always useful to fuss with the eyes. Here I have drawn on them with water soluble marker where I want to free machine embellish them. The glasses were problematic. I felt fabric glasses were just too heavy so here is my first thought. I took some thin wire and formed the frames and stitched light grey organza around the frames

18. Feb, 2021

Still working with the plastic overlay but he is starting to take on a personality now. The addition of the turban has really moved him forward