A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

28. Jun, 2020

I am not a tidy worker but this is a glimpse into my studio. When we purchased this house 20 years ago it had an open porch and we promptly built it in. At one stage we had a spa where the table is. it is a lovely light airy space to work in and I look out into the garden frome the printing bench on the left. The drawers in the left foreground are part of my quilting table that whells out and side panels raise upto create a good pinning surace. My kneeds to dont like to pin on the ground these days. In the back corner are two filing cabinets here I keep my larger pieces of fabric, folded over suspension files so that when I open the drawers I can see what I have on hand. At this time of the year it is a bit cold to work out there without a heater but i do sometimes take my sewing machine out there in the Summer. a round table is not ideal for sewing but it is very pleasant. In the top corner is my great grandmother's spinning wheel from the first world war when she spun and knot socks for the soldiers at the front. It does still go but I prefer my little Nagy when I do spring which is not so often these days. You can see my prayer flags handing from the clothes lines because when it is wet for any length of time I do hang clothes out here to dry

27. Jun, 2020

This is an interesting comparison of liquidambar leaves printed about a month apart. I tried to keep as much as possible constant and the light falling on the left hand side makes that print seem to have a lighter background but in effect they are almost the same. I suspect the left hand print provided more colour transfer from the leaves whereas the right hand has responded more to the tannin (perhaps) in the leaves used. The left hand print has the reverse side of the leaf down at the top and the surface of the leaf down at the bottom. Taking time to examine these instances means I hope I will have more control when I come to actually printing. the leaves I have gathered and frozen will probably need to be month specific labelled going forward whereas at the moment they are just frozen in plastic zip lock bags according primarily to leaf species

26. Jun, 2020

I finally attached the headers to the eco dye journal sets I started in may. this process is to record the differences that occur at different times of the year due to tannin and chlorophyll presence. both of these sets had a strong Ferrous iron blanket of paper towels. I have another set that uses watercolour paper so the dulling of the fabric is not so intense and the water colour paper has great prints also. I didn't think carefully enough in May about having the prints on equal fabric spaces - whereas in June I made each print the size of an A4 sheet so they look a lot tidier. It is one of the reasons I had put off assembling the print journals . I have written notes on each piece in a fine market so that I can refer to them going forward. And it will soon be time to do something for July although a lot of the leaves have fallen now so I might just have to be content with evergreen leaves and see how I go.

25. Jun, 2020

I tried sketching these first and then last night I bit the bullet and stitched this example from the photographs I took using 4 levels of colour. When I looked at the close stitching I didn't' think it was very good but it doesn't look so bad when you view it from a normal distance. It was definitely an exercise in observation to see which direction the lip lines actually went and not be drawn in to preconceived lip shapes

24. Jun, 2020

While we havent had especially cold weather, it hasnt been wonderful to be working in the garden either. The conditions have been perfect for the growth of moss between the cobblestones on the driveway. while it looks quite pretty it is a foothold for weeds to get started in so I will need to get busy with some moss spray and take care of this before it gets on top of me. The worst of a mildish winter!!!!