11. Nov, 2022

From Chaos to (Almost) Order

This Weekend is the Waitomo Society of Arts Exhibition and here are two of our members mounting works to be displayed. I really admire our president, Helen McLean who manages to stay so calm and get everyone's work ordered and hung in acceptable groupings. With all the work being dropped off yesterday morning there was a chaos of art work in the foyer but as you can see, Helen has tamed the chaos and we are getting there with hanging stuff. I am involved in set up, display and assistance during the time and break down at the end. You can just see one of my pieces peaking out behind the screen the girls are working on. It is the Separation of Rangi and Papa using teabags and coffee foil packets. I am a bit of a misfit as my work doesn't always fit in painting, or patchwork or ceramics or fibre art so they ended up giving me a "booth" on my own for a lot of my work. I will try and show some better photos of those displays over the next few days. They didn't have heaps of entries for a start so I offered to put in more of the stuff I have done over lockdown etc and ended up with 20 pieces in the exhibition. I am really glad that preparation is now all behind me and I can go back to working on my scholarship project.