11. Sep, 2022

Close up of the Mesh Folds

The idea of using fine aluminium mess under the wadding is a process that Sandra Meech uses in some of her landscape work. Here I have used it to better define the pillars inside the Newgate chamber as the sunlight hits them. some of the gold is paint and some is embedded cheese packaging. The grey black is some of the silk paper made earlier this year and the copper panel is a mono print. The horizontal strip is a sheer scarf that has been overlaid on some of the silk paper. One of the beauties of using this technique in a project like this is that the edges of the pillars can be touched up with paint in exactly the right places whereas the embedded papers are more difficult to get exactly right - some of them ended up in the fold rather than right on the edge. It provides for additional textural elements in what is basically a 2 dimensional wall hanging. I struggled a lot with this panel and at one stage almost discarded it but I kept going and am satisfied with the end result and the contrast it will make with other panels in the full project