28. Aug, 2022

Back to making Machine Lace

It is so good to have my sewing machine back from the repair man. And it wasn't something I had done anyway. I bought this Janome second hand and it has always been a bit temperamental with the bobbin. I hit a needle when free machine stitching and thought I had done something to the timing. Turns out the bobbin housing had a problem so now I am back in business and beginning the time consuming task of making the tree silhouettes for the sky maiden panel. I am using dissolvable rubbish bags. I am not using a hoop here as my hoops are too thick to get under the pressure foot guide. A long way to go yet!!!! I need to stitch a foundation straight stitch and then lots of little interlocking circles to make sure it all holds together when I was away the laundry bag backing. You can see the concept printout on 5 July posting where I ave taken my photos and superimposed the sky maiden over a sunset photo from the back yard with the tree silhouettes. I am thinking I will quilt the maiden in the sky but that will have to wait till I get a bit further on.