26. Jul, 2022

Almost There

I hsve decided the right had side of the face - in shadow - is now a bit dark so I will try and lighten it with some overstitching. The problem with thread painting is threads come in a limiited range of colours and you can only "mix" a colour by overstitching. Here neck area is also far too dark and needs attention. Once she is finished I will cut close to the stitching line and use fabric markers to mask the cut edge. I will then mount her on black felt before creating a window portal for her to be mounted in. I am thinking of using a piece of eco dyed tea bag fabric that was an experiment that didn't quite work. I thought the tannin in the tea would have been sufficient to mordant the teabag material but it was'nt so I had to go through the whole process of mordanting with tannin then aluminium sulphate and resteaming the created fabric with the leaves in place. This will be a good use for this sample and I can also use a cut off piece with documentation in one of my journals