24. Jun, 2022

Jane Dunnewold's Background and Textures

I have been playing in the studio the last couple of days, despite it being quite cold out there. I have been doing Jane's online course using the gel plate. I've not always had too much success on fabric and now I know why. The fabric must be left on the plate for the paint/dye to set before pulling the print. In the photo I am lifting off a black print that was allowed to dry on the plate and then I put a copper coloured overlay. I think the white marks are where I didn't quite get a smooth finish with the brayer. You can see how "clean: the gel plate is. Not too sure what I will do with this print but I have been playing around with cutting up prints and reassembling them. I have also just started to use deli paper which seems like it might be a good option also for collage