11. Jun, 2022

A New Milestone

Last week 6785 people visted my Blog.  The Blog began as a means for me to record what I was doing in the studio or garden and to keep my daily art practice honest by trying to complete a daily entry.  It has been successful in encouraging me to be creative through many difficult periods in my life, including the current one where we are unsure of where things will go with Rob's potential lung cancer.  So the blog began as a purely personal means of documenting my development.  My creativity is not a means of financially supporting myself.  I work two days a week in my daughter's shop, "Shoppington" which provides me additional funds for art materials - mainly books purchased off second hand sites such as Trademe and online textile courses

Social media can be a dangerous thing but I have been overwhelmed by the recurring support or interest that has been shown in my simple daily one photo and a bit of text format.  I can remember being quite excited when I first got 500 views in a week.  I often wonder what walks of life people come from that drop in to read my creative adventures - because they are just that, adventures.  Not everything I try works out perfectly but I do persevere and often a piece of fabric that didnt turn out or print so well ends up becoming a base for something else in the future.

The Pandemic has opened up a wealth of oportunities to study up close with textile artists who have had to modify their in person teaching with tuition provided on an online plattform.  Many of these tutors I would not have had the opportunity to study with in real life.  Fibre Arts Take 2 is also a constant source of inspiration.  I might own a book from a tutor but following an hour in depth interview of them talking about their art makes the written text leap off the page for me.  I am truly lucky to have this outlet and means of staying calm and reducing stress.

Thank you to those who have joined me on my journey from figurative to interpretive textile projects