30. May, 2022

The Sides of the Reliquary

Lines up and some of them joined. The sides are from the left: Hersey kisses wrappers with textured yarn under black tulle and free machine stitched, an old scarf with beads added in the openings, left over painted acrylic substrate from the piano hinge project with couched copper wire, a brie chees wrap with textured yarn sandwiched in gold organza and free machine stitched, Stitched copper shim. I have started to hand couch seagrass in the top Vs. Theses will be threaded through a circular object and when pulled tight will close the reliquary. When they are released the reliquary will be open to see inside. It has come out a bit larger tha I anticipated but that is OK. I have gone with the metallic theme as the original reliquaries would have been made using precious metal and embossing to reflect the value of what was kept inside. Still quite a way to go as from here on it is mainly hand stitching