30. Apr, 2022

It is a Glorious Autumn Afternoon

Rob is home for now and I do not have to rush back and forth to Hamilton and he is feeling somewhat better so I have to remind myself to look for the beauty amid the dry ravaged garden. The air is crisp - quite cold at night - and the sun is welcoming - not too hot and oppressive. I need to get some chores started in the Autumn garden before the frosts come and it is too cold to work outside for any length of time. I have been stitching on the Hoffman Challenge which has to remain confidential till jurying is done and that helps to keep me calm at this time. My eldest daughter came in today and we picked heaps of chokos off the vine. She and her friend will use some and she will use the surplus to feed her pig rather than having to buy big food - not much goes to waster around here.