25. Apr, 2022

What I was Doing While the Relish was cooking

Remember all those strips of plastic and foil packaging materials I cut into strips? Well here they all are woven together and figure of eight scribble stitched onto a black felt backing with a piece of sheer over the top to make an alternate substrate to mount art work on. The little dots were part of the sheer I used. I usually use a black tulle but in this case I decided to use a brown speckled sheer that I had in my stash. It is all about recycling and creating alternate substrates to work on. One thing I found is that some plastic wrapping absorbs odours from the product and even careful washing can make it difficult to completely get rid of the attached odour. I ended up spraying the completed piece with air freshener and leaving it in the open air for a couple of days. After connecting the cut packages into strips that were the correct length for my project (A2) I randomly wove the strips together without too much care of how they were positioned. It is interesting to have the eye drawn in to what packaging has been used - hand cleaner, eggs, coffee, macadamia nuts, yoghurt, soup pouches. Now to mount the machine made Queen Anne's lace onto the substrate. I want to raise the lace up off the substrate so I will be playing around with options for this.