26. Mar, 2022

Impatient to See the Effect

The quilting side of this is quite slow gooing so now that I have completed two squares I decided to overstitch the edge and join them together with hand stitch. The idea is to get the feel of fog through the bare branches of the trees so all the negative spaces are free machine "flattened with very small stitches. When I got them together I realised in my enthusiasm to see the effect I had joined the wrong two squares but at least I can see how it will look. The joining bars look at bit like looking through a sectioned window even though there is no window looking up the hill at Matakiori. So now I have unpicked the join and will continue the quilting side of things. I laid out the pieces to be qulted and marked in the corner the sequence they are to be joined in. This will be a very different art quilt.