21. Mar, 2022

On a Bit of a Seaside Kick

Since my wander around at Mokau I have been on a bit of a seaside kick. In addition to the Beach piece, I started the cheescloth roaring waters for this piece of the blowhole at Punakaiki. I took this photo last year when we were down there and I have blown it up and placed it under a sheet of acrylic plastic to structure the foaming seas. Once I take the cheesecloth off I will draw on the plastic the basic shapes of cliffs and bush and begin to structure the rest of the seascape. It takes a while for the cheesecloth to dry enough to take off so I often start structuring that before I am ready to do the rest. And I have been working on the second section of the Winter at Matakiora so I had quite a productive weekend