19. Mar, 2022

Back to Winter at Matakiori

I prepared the prints for this sectioned quilt last winter but am just now coming back to deciding how to quilt and put it together. It will be a sectioned quilt which means the pieces will be a bit under A4 and will be joined so the joins are part of the composition a la Wen Redmond's. The top section has taken tree outlines and this is one of 9 pieces and is the representational sections of the quilt. I have machine stitched along each branch in dark green and then used very fine free machine quilting in white in the areas that represent the sky. There are 9 of these panels and they will look a bit like looking through a window at the tree outlines. This is the top left hand section of the quilt. The rest of the quilt is made up of textural monoprints in sombre colours and is mood reflective of winter rather than representational. These panels will also be free machine stitched in keeping with the colours and prints of each one. It is a very experimental piece for me. Each section will be stitched around, tipped with silver paint and hand joined probably using an open herringbone stitch.