10. Mar, 2022

A Trip to Mokau

I went down to the beach to mow lawns but because there has been so little rain when I got there they didn't need mowing. So I had a wonderful time. I wandered along the beach front for hours collecting grunge photos for my digital layering art. There are so many textures to collect - marks on the sand from the tide, stones shells, old trees that have been washed up, bits of rust and bits of rope. Even on the way home I found interesting textures of lichen and bits on walls and fences. Anyone watching would probably have thought me quite insane but at this time of the year, midweek, there aren't too many people around. There is a gallery there and I was going to find out about putting some pieces in there but with Covid the gallery is closed. I walked a long way and didn't keep an eye on the tide until I realised it was coming in and I had an hour's walk back to where I had left the car. Next time I will take my good digital camera instead on the Ipad and try and get some photos of the bird life on the sand