7. Mar, 2022

Wen Redmond

I have long been fascinated by Wen Redmond's artistic practice. She uses digitally altered images and a whole variety of mediums to create her work. a lot of it is sectioned and I did a piece on acrylic felt a little while back that emulated that. Fibre Ats Take 2 have a Friday interview with various artists and I found a Youtube record of an interview with Wen. It got me really excited and so I spent some time on Photoshop Elements to superimpose three photos with varying opacity to create the image above. The base layer is a photo or a rusted drum and the other two are photos from my garden. It is a delightful process and I am really excited where this might lead. It is not digital photography per se but the design of creating a new fabric substrate to work into or onto at will. I did play around a bit with different hue overlays and can see how some of the American quilts I have admired that use people with repeated images but different colour casts have been created