5. Mar, 2022

Stitched Seascapes

I am always drawn to images of the sea and I have been reading Amanda Hislop's book Seascapes which is part of the Stitched Textiles series. She uses a combination of collage, paint, and thread to create her images so here I am having a go at an imaginary seascape to begin with. Amanda uses primarily tissue to build up her layers. I was interested in the difference between how different types of tissue appear on the substrate. The wrinkles on the tissue help to create a textured appearance. I am using a cotton broadcloth as a substrate and have roughly divided my landscape length of fabric into three - sky, sea and sand. I would usually use mat get medium for lamination but Amanda suggests any sort of cellulose glue so I made up some manutex (sodium alginate) and applied it quite liberally to the fabric and then tore up varying sized bits of tissue and applied. In the photo I am yet to paint over the top to make sure all edges are adhered. The darker bottom line is photopaper that was crumpled and then painted with Indian ink to get that random mark look. I have decide to us a mix of tissue and crumpled gift wrap paper so may not use as much paint as Amanda does