1. Mar, 2022

Playing with botanical prints on Tissue

These are raw prints and will look quite different when they are torn and mounted in a collage but I did get to play with printing on some tissue for about and hour yesterday. I started with some oak leaves - positive and negative. I started out trying to print by rolling out the print and using a Perspex sheet but soon went back to the geli plate as the ability to allow the foliage to sink into the plate provided better prints. The dark print on the left is where I placed the leaf on the plate and rollered paint over the top and then brayered some tissue paper over the top. I haven't worried too much about wrinkles in the tissue as that adds to the texture in the finished collage. The print on the right is where I have rolled paint onto the actual leaf surface and then used the leaf as a stamp on the tissue brayering over the top of the leaf with baking paper over the top. The results are very organic but by the time they are combined, layered and stitched, I think there will be a composition develop.