15. Feb, 2022

A Seasonal Change in the Air

As cyclone Dovey moves away to the East there is a definite change in the air. The oppressive humidity has gone and there is the beginning of a crispness - like Autumn is nearly here. We tipped 250 mm of rain out of the rain gauge in three days and we were lucky because we just caught the edge of Dovey, getting much needed rain but missing a lot of the high winds. The bella donna lilies are starting to bloom - another sign of the change in seasons. These are sometimes called naked ladies because the flowers come first and then as they finish off the leaves start to appear. I planted a row of these along the back fence two or three years ago and they are just starting to come into their own. The bulbs clump up but the flowers also create seeds that can start more plants. In NZ they are quite an old fashioned flower, often found lining rural driveways.