11. Feb, 2022

Always Up For A challenge

I could be described as a little bit crazy when it comes to eco textile work. a friend sent me a video of someone in South America stitching birds on leaves. I might have cheated a bit here as I have clamped some tulle onto the back to reinforce the leaf as I wanted to do quite dense embroidery. Not quite finished yet. I have the tail to finish and the middle back but it is coming along. This is a tui, a native bird to NZ which is a wonderful songster and frequents my garden. I have used a fresh native leaf and will press the leaf flat once I am finished. I am expecting the leaf to change colour as it dries out but so far this has been a fun experiment. Stitchclub did a stitching on leaves challenge a while back but it was much more complex in its execution than what I have done here. Basically I put the outline of the tui onto the leaf and then began to stitch using the tulle to prevent the leaf from tearing as I did so.