6. Feb, 2022

Heat Press Subjects

I thought I would share this heat press composition. It includes red tipped coreopsis flowers (at the top and French marigolds - both of which I grew from seed to use in these sorts of art work. It has been so dry I don't think the coreopsis has survived though there are still some marigolds around the tomato plants. I plant the marigolds around the tomatoes to try and reduce the number of white fly (companion planting) so they have had some water. The leaves are from the coreopsis and an elderberry tree I put in a couple of years ago. The dry has reminded me why I use foliage plants and texture so much in the garden. While the flowers are lovely they pass quite quickly while the foliage provides a longer term emphasis. We did get a shower last night and I am hoping the tropical weather coming from the north west actually gets here and brings some more. Crazy - we continue in drought conditions while the west coast of the South Island is flooded and people are being evacuated from their homes. I don't want to be in that position but some water would be greatly appreciated