5. Feb, 2022

The Garden is SOOOO Dry

It has been an incredibly dry and hot summer and my poor garden is really parched. I am having difficulty getting enough water to all parts of it and am hoping I do not lose too many of my precious plants. Even the hydrangeas which normally have flower heads well into the winter are shrivelling up their flowers so I am trying to stitch 3 or 4 flowers between organza each night so that I will have a supply on hand for use over the winter. These will have seed beads attached in the centre but at this stage I am just hand stitching the flowers. I just use a running stitch and go from the centre to the edge of the petal and back again. the amazing thing is that these flowers last indefinitely and retain most of their colour. The colour can be altered by using different colours of organza but when I am making these ahead of time, like now, I tend to use either white or light grey. The coloured thread also can make a difference. I then stich around the outlining of the flower and cut close to this stitching with a pair of sharp scissors. I have used these in art quilts and they are still as lovely as when I made them. and I used some in the botanical print and stitch panel I recently worked you through.