4. Feb, 2022

A Woman's Armour 1

A while back I was going through some old Cloth Paper Scissor magazines. It is so hot in the afternoons here that it is difficult to feel like doing much so I often get out the old inspiration books. There was an article on using an apron - the traditional object of domesticity and protector of clothing as an art basis and embellishing it with lots of repurposed/recycled items. The idea appealed to me so here is the beginning. A play of domesticity and the warrior women. The breast plates are free form stitched coffee packets with textured yarn and organza. The centres have bottle tops under the plastic lids off the old slat grinder. The neck piece is an old double ended zip that I had to replace in my husbands jacker. The red stripes are free form stitched Christmas paper with buttons attached. These are on top of a sheer layer of printer organza from an op shop find. The central clasps are from a pop can opening and I am just beginning to stitch on a row of metal rings