31. Jan, 2022

Extending the Concept

I got quite excited by this idea and went off and searched up some paper towel iron blanket prints that I had kept. I applied these to water colour paper. I even stuck an extra tissue paper print over the top. Dealing with the paper towel prints was a bit tricky as you can only use one layer - a bit like using paper napkins - as once the paper gets wet it starts to separate and because it is so fragile it will tear or turn to mush. I needed to separate the layers first and of course that often gave me two prints. These iron blankets were used in traditional eco dying bundles where the paper towel had been soaked in ferrous sulphate solution and carefully wrung out and placed over the foliage to get a more precise outline. some of the prints were nicer than what was on the fabric and I had dried and kept the paper thinking I might find a use for them one day - looks like I have. Again I have torn around the edges of the images so that when they were gel mediumed down they integrated into a whole rather than showing cut edges. The effect is a bit like a water colour but with texture from where the paper is not 100% flat when adhered.