29. Jan, 2022

Moving on to Stitch

I laminated a piece of cotton onto the water colour paper once all the gel medium was dry. This supports the paper while i stitch into it. The paper is quite stiff and you need to be careful that you don't piece the paper in the wrong place as it will leave holes. I made needle holes where I wanted to stitch. In this photo you can see where I have started to outline vein stitch in the negative leaf area and I have some hydrangea flowers sandwiched in organza. The flowers were a dull green as they dry out at the end of summer and I used a yellow organza to replicate the green tones in the rest of the composition. You can also see the puriri moth that I thermofaxed onto the black area toward the top left. I found the handstitching through the paper and fabric quite difficult as I have arthritis in my thumbs so I might attempt to do something with free machine stitching on the next piece but my sewing machine is being serviced at the moment so I did this one by hand