27. Jan, 2022

I like to Document my Processes

Because I dabble in so many different options I like to document what I do in my journals so if I come back to this at a later date I can reproduce the effect. Here are a couple of pages in my journal. The left hand page is a spray of heuchera flowers on white tissue where I rolled the spray in the paint and then used the spray to make the impression. The right hand one is small maple leaf on grey tissue and it has benn rolled over the top to give a negative image. Each tissue has been torn around to fit the page. I prefer to tear rather than cut because then when I am putting the collage together the joins are not as noticeable. I use the same gel medium to adhere the tissue to the journal pages - painting the page first and then after carefully positioning the tissue panting over them with get again to seal. The tissue is very delicate when wet so I need to use a light hand with the brush.