20. Jan, 2022

Print layering

Today, many textile artist are very aware of recycling fabrics etc. This might be old linens or repurposed clothing or something you tried that didn't work out too well. Before I did 5 days with Jane Dunnewold in 2019 I was very diffident about layering prints on top of one another. This is a print sample that is pretty ugly. It started with some random purple procion dye. Then I tried some stamps on it and put it through the heat press with a few botanicals to see if they would "take" on the dyed cotton. It could have then be sent to the bin or rags but i decided to add layers and cover the whole. Over the next few days you will see the transformation of this piece and hopefully, if you are a textile artist, it will encourage you to reuse and layer print some of the pieces you are not so happy with