15. Jan, 2022

New High re Weekly Visitors to my humble blog

Visits to my blog always go up during the northern winter and I guess there are still a lot of people confined indoors with Covid but I was blown away this week with the new high number of visitors to my blog over the week.  There were 7207.  That is a huge amount and I hope everyone got something from the experience,  The daily blog did not begin as a means to contact people all over the world but as a means of keeping me honest in my studio practice.  If I wrote a blog every day then I had to do something creative to be able to post something on the blog.  In the early days, because I was posting daily, the site owners thought it was junk posts and blocked the edits for a while but now they leave me pretty much alone.  Thank you for all those who continue to watch my attempts to create and expand my artistic horizons.  Like the koru (fern fronds) in this piece it has enabled my art to grow and become a major focus in my life.  The koru is a Maori symbol for growth and development.