4. Jan, 2022

Well that didn't work too well

You can just see the yellow of the coreopsis in this photo. the first run was almost nothing so I tried again with an iron blanket much like traditional eco dying and steaming. The ferrous sulphate has turned the tealeaves a lovely charcoal colour bit the botanicals still don't show up well. I have always had problems with eco dyes on teabags when you would think they would dye well because they have been immersed in tannin in the tea making process. This piece is sitting on top of a glass topped table in my studio so you can see the images as well as possible. When it is not on the glass top they are almost impossible to see. so the next phase is deciding if and how I can use this. The thing with surface embellishment is that it is very rarely irretrievable. The original idea might not have worked but there are so many other possibilities that can be layered and sometimes the results are better than the original