27. Dec, 2021

Cool in the Heat

It is very hot here in the afternoons. The Spring flowers have finished and the garden is beginning to dry off with the heat. We are so fortunate that our house stays relatively cool because of the trees. Here is the view from my deck where I am sitting reading. I have a blocked bowel which is very painful and I can't get any public scan done because the hospitals are all gearing up in case there is an omicrom outbreak in the communities. It seems here in new Zealand that the only measure of public health and the government's success is to do with Covid and any other illnesses are discounted. I know two people who have had hip replacements postponed indefinitely because of the gearing up phase and losing Owen when we were in level 4 lockdown does not make me feel too confident. There has been some Omicron detected at the border but so far no outbreaks in the community. We tried to go for private investigation but they have all closed down till mid January so now I have to try and manage the problem till then. Thank goodness I have a lovely aspect to sit in. On top of Jim's passing it has been a very difficult Christmas this year.