25. Dec, 2021


As you can see this print is still "wet from the press. It has been a frightful few days so I decided to spend a little time in the studio playing. I really haven't done much with soy milk and even this print was made with a residue of copper sulphate in the try I use to soak the paper. I wasn't too enamoured of the result. The flowers used were double coreopsis at the tip, purple maple leaves, dark blue hydrangea flowers and yellow calla lilies which are the smudgy bits in the middle and barely printed at all. Right in the middle is a carpet rose . i don't think I will continue to pursue the soy mile as an alternative. I thought it might give a protein bas to cellulose based substrate but I was disappointed. The press was at 250 °C for three minutes. Anyway happy Christmas to all those who have had a lovely family get together. We were very low key this year but it was also sort of relaxing as I didn't have loads of food to prepare and organsie