8. Dec, 2021

Exciting News

I have just been awarded a Frank Davis scholarship to pursue my interest in Miringa Te Kakara - the crosshouse that was located not far from where I live. There are lots of interesting symbolic orientations from the house with possible links between Maori and Celtic forebears. I would like to see it as an integration rather than a divisor. I started some work on this in my Level 5 Diploma of Art and Creativity but it was too big a topic to cover in addition to the other aspects I was looking at. My idea is to create a portable textile work along the lines of the Bayeux Tapestry or Quaker Tapestry that will tell the story of the cross house and its symbolic orientation. The crosshouse is no longer standing but I have arranged to visit the site ater Christmas. I won't start my work till the end of April and by that time the garden will be slowed for Winter so there won't be so much outside work. I have chosen to do this part time over 2 years rather than full time over 1 so that I have time to investigate my ideas thoroughly. My intention at this stage is to work on panels and combine them with a piano hinge type binding. that way I can rearrange the order if I think it is appropriate and working on each panel becomes more manageable. I hope I can do justice to the honour of getting this scholarship award. fingers crossed