4. Dec, 2021

A New Record

Last week i hit a new record of weekly visitors to my humble little site - 6435 visitors. I was stunned.   I am asuming a lot of these are from people in the northern hemisphere where you will be constrained by winter weather and covid restrictions.  I just want o say thank you to all who visit.  This blog began as a means of keeping my artisitc practice honest so that I needed to work in the studio to post the next piece n the puzzle.  Here in New Zealand we are headed into Summer and it has been quite hot so I have had to spend quite a bit of time in the garden trying to keep up with the battle against the weeds.  Convulvulus is a major problem for me as it comes in from neighboring properties and gets its roots around the roots of my plants so that the best I can do is pull off as much of the tops as I can so it doesnt flower and get even more established.  Yesterday I managed to do the vines that were clambering among the climbing roses on the bottom field.  But I will have to revisit the problem in a couple of weeks.  Hence the focus over the last few weeks on garden activity raher than my art work