18. Nov, 2021

Finally Success

I was so excited by Sarah Desmarais online workshop using washable pva and cornflour resist. We have been in level 3 lockdown which means restricted travel, retail shops closed and big delays in mail orders. I tried this effect with polyester organza and rit dye but the dye didn't take and it all washed out. By the time I managed to get some silk organza I was time restricted in working on this piece and as there are several steps in drying different phases I have only just completed this this morning. I wanted to use a commercial stencil in my work just to prove that this could be done - I have a wonderful selection of stencils I have accumulated over the years so this would be an additional use for them. If we ever get back to something close to normal I am thinking of opening my studio and having some local trial a process options. The photo shows the silk organza drying on a towel. I will add some enhancements to the piece and probably mount it in a metal ring so that it can be hung in a window and its translucence won't be lost