16. Nov, 2021

Time to Play

I finished emptying the compost bins so the front gardens and around the rhododendrons in the drive are all mulched in case the Summer turns hot and dry. The rain was still around so I transplanted some shuttlecock ferns and pulmonaria as underplanting so I thought I would use the afternoon to play. I am enrolled in Jane Dunnewold's online course "Beyond the Press" which is ideas to enhance botanical prints but would be used in any collage type art work. Jane prints on silk organza then cuts the print out and adheres it to her work. I was a bit disappointed with my print. The top fantail is on silk organza, the bottom one of albaca (teabag paper) While the top one is quite ethereal a lot of the detail is less defined. I have some albaca paper on hand from previous work but it is much harder to source than the organza. I need to get to and do some more botanicals in the press so I can use these little motifs.