9. Nov, 2021

The Joys of Living here

We have a large number of birds that visit the garden on a regular basis. This mallard duck hatches her babies near the neighbours dam each year and when they are little fuzzy ducks she takes them into the park where there is more cover from hawks. This year's brood is on its way back to the dam - She has 10 of them and she is bravely leading the way. When I first went out to try and photograph them she was at the back hustling them forward but here she is bravely stepping out with her entourage in tow. I have had in mind for some time to do a quilt with thread painted visitors to my garden and this phot might feature along the bottom of that. I do love being able to watch the birds and their young as the seasons change. Our blackbird babies have all left the nest now so it will be empty till mother blackbird perhaps comes back again next Spring