5. Nov, 2021

Sarah Desmarais workshop - it looked like it was working

I have worked with resists before but only in an organic way. This workshop introduced the use of stencils as part of the resist process. I was excited but because we were in lockdown I decided to substitute polyester organza for the silk organza and use rit dye which is supposed to dye man made fibres - I had both of these on hand. The actual resist is a mix of washable pva and cornstarch applied with an old credit card and you can see that in the photo above. Everything looked like it was working well. I applied the thickened dye and when I held up the Perspex sheet I was working on I could see the dye had coloured where the resist was not applied. I left it all to dry thoroughly and then when I washed away the resist I found the organza had not taken the dye at all so I am back to square one - I will definitely be trying this again - maybe I will use some mordanted cotton and procion dyes.