31. Oct, 2021

Abstracted walk to the beach

So, the point of this is supposed to be drawing the marks directly onto the painted length of fabric but I cheated a bit as I had a dog on a lead and two children with me so I just made mental notes. The left hand page sort of represents out wandering road and the right hand is an abstracted version of overhanging trees and a small rain shower on part of the journey. As I am largely a representational textile artist moving into abstraction isn't easy for me so my series on starting points is a useful prompt. I remember in a class with Alyson Midgelow when we were supposed to be working on something abstracted, I got carried away with a technique that I could see would make perfect tree trunks. She told me we were not making pictures today but mark making. I think it is a mental shift to be able to incorporate abstracted versions or texture from nature and it is not something I am good at. Having said that, I am trying to get some personal lessons to strengthen my drawing (representational) and experiment with different mediums. However Covid lockdowns means we can't start these yet. The whole point of art for me is constant development of ideas and there are certainly a wealth of those out there on the internet now. Although I am struggling to keep up with the Stitchclub exercises because the garden gobbles up a lot of my time at this time of year, I find the stimulus of ideas exciting and there are lessons I want to spend more time on but require more "setting up time" to delve into.