27. Oct, 2021

My Little Blackbird is Busy Again

This is the third year in a row that the same blackbird has made her home behind the climbing geranium against the house. It is so great to watch the progress from eggs and Mumma bird sitting on the nest to ugly little scraps to finally fledglings that fly away. Mumma bird is not at all phased by people - she is probably used to me looking in at her nest and doing no harm when she was sitting on the eggs. Poppa bird is a different story. He is very watchful and wont go into the nest if he sees us at the kitchen window. He will wait with a beak full of worms until he thinks the coast is clear and then he darts in behind the plant to feed those hungry mouths. They are both kept very busy feeding their little family. I always feel a bit sad when the last one leaves the nest and the nest is empty. I don't know how long blackbirds live but I am sure the Momma bird is the same one that had the personal complex and used to "attack" herself in the mirror I put in the enclosed garden to make the area seem larger.