26. Oct, 2021

Home From Mokau

We have been away as far as we are allowed under lockdown rules. We went to Mokau batch to work on digging out roots and reforming the general levels on the site. It is a lot of work but we are almost there so next time we go down there it should be more holiday and less labour. coming home was a delight. Look at this bank. sometimes I think this bank is the bain of my life but at the moment all my new irises are coming into bloom and it is just so lovely. It is really a lovely time of year. Each morning when I go for my wander round the garden I discover another hosta is up or one of the big clematis are coming into bud or, as above the irises are flowering. About 3 years ago I splurged a bit and bought several new flag irises - they come as bear roots and I thought I had lost them over the first winter even though I had watered them over the summer but they came up again and have gradually strengthened and this year many of them are flowering for the first time. They are an inspiration for my art work and I love them. A lot of my garden is devoted to foliage form and colour as the impact lasts so much longer but these are one of my special plants so I will enjoy them over their so short season