19. Oct, 2021

More copper sulphate mordant prints with the Heat Press

I am quite amazed at the difference this mordant made. The yellow leaves to the right are the bright pink new growth on the toon tree. To the left of that is a spray of blue babiana flowers and the large blob is a red rhododendron flower -= the actual petals seem to be partially attached . The indiscriminate blob at the bottom left is a kowhai flower and the bright purple leaf above that is a heuchera - dark secret. At the top centre there are a couple of sprays taken from the lily of the valley tree and the London Pride succulent. The Lily of the Valley print is more defined than the London pride. finally at the top left is a leaf from a red geranium plant. These are reference images - I am yet to play with them to create a composition. Jane Dunnewold has an on line heat press with embellishments course starting in November so I am trying to tee myself up for that. I do know she laminates prints on organza in some of her compositions so that will be something to try. At present the garden is taking a lot of my spare time as Spring growth and weeds need attention.