15. Oct, 2021

A Pause in Women of Influence to See the Flowers

This is always an exciting time of the year as my treasures that have been asleep for the winter pop back up and the flowers start to come out. This beautiful iris is slightly mor blue tinged than the photo shows and is called Sea Spray. You can see a blue and white one just coming into flower alongside. I do love the irises and a couple of years ago splurged on some of the new variegated varieties. They come just as a bare root rhizome and it takes a couple of years before they flower. I can see the fat spikes coming up on some of them so it is a time of anticipation to see what they actually look like rather than just in a catalogue. I might even be tempted to do a textile piece on some. There was a tutor on Global connection who was offering a class using sheers and prints and stitching which was interesting but you had to purchase a kit and by the time I paid for the kit the postage the class and currency conversion it was way more than I was prepared to pay so I will try and work out my own system. The garden is a never ending influence on my art work.