26. Sep, 2021

Starting Points

I am sort of working in a series of starting points for abstract design. This long thin piece (will probably end up as a concertina book) is several pieces of fabric 4 inches wide that I machined together using a range of fancy sewing stitches that I rarely use on my machine. It is about 1.5 metres long and the inspiration comes from Shelley Rhodes. The piece is then randomly "painted" using an old credit card and ordinary household emulsion - I used an of white and a grey test pot. The idea is to take a walk and record things of interest on the fabric with a lead pencil. Because the layer of paint is very thin the fabric is not too stiff when the paint has dried. These will be further developed with dye and stitch. I chose to use a walk to the beach from our new property in Mokau so some of the marks are a bit representational at the moment but the further processes will abstract those I am sure.