25. Sep, 2021

Working With Neutrals

I really should have been vacuuming but there has been so much going on lately that I am feeling art deprivation so instead I am working on shades of black. I have taken half a cup of soda ash and dissolved it in 2 gallons of warm water and then decantered half a cup into zip lock sandwiched bags which are contained in old plastic food containers. In the first container I put half a cup of mixed dye solution ( dye solution was 2 teaspoons jet black procion dye to 1 cup hot water) I mixed the soda ash and dye solution and added a fat quarter of wet 100% cotton. Then I added a half cup to the original dye solution. I repeated this till I had 12 sets of what should be gradually less dye concentrate and now they are batching overnight. I am hoping to get gradations from really black through to a light grey. I labelled the containers from 1 to 12 so I can easily identify the strength in each container. I decided to work on this as I want to attempt the NZ Embroiderer's Guild Certificate and one of the compulsory papers is on colour so this will be part of my information for that series. I will have to do a pencil gradation as well but as my focus is on textiles I thought this would be an added interest and maybe encourage me to work on colour theory for the certificate. I just received my summative assessment for my Level 5 Art and Creativity Certificate on NZQA and was blown away that I got Excellent across all competencies. For those less familiar with our NZQA system the grading is pass, merit and excellence.