18. Sep, 2021

Welcome Home

After a frantic 10 days back and forward to the beach property it is going to be nice to have a week ant home and maybe do some textile art things. This is the sight that welcomes me as I come in the gate. I am trying to naturalise the cineraria but still find I have to put some seedlings in each year. As the cineraria come to the end of their flowering time i will plant more of the purple geraniums and they will flower all summer. I need to get around and fertiliser my special plants and mulch now to keep moisture in and weeds down over the summer. It is a big garden and often over the winter I think I am crazy trying to maintain it all but as the flowers come into bloom and the spring growth leaps into bud, I find I am rewarded over and over again. The ivy at the front of this photo needs to be trimmed to keep in under control. I know there will come a day when I will be unable to maintain it all but for the time being it sure beats going to the gym!!!!