17. Sep, 2021

17th September

The freesias are in full bloom. For many years I could not grow these in the garden because the 17th of September is the date our second son was still born full term and all the flowers that people sent in sympathy seemed to have freesias in them. When we came to the Magic Garden in 2000 there was a bed of freesias and when they flowered it was like an automated celebration of our little lad's life and death so the freesia's have stayed and I offer up a silent birthday prayer each year. Tomorrow I will pick some and bring inside as an ongoing celebration. Some years ago I visited a medium and she recognised that I had lost a baby. I hadn't said anything about the event but she said she could see my mother standing there holding a very young baby and then she looked at me and said -it is your baby. It was a spine tingling moment and many of the things she told me came to pass, maybe not in the way I thought they would at the time but valid none the less. since that time I have believed that there are some people with a sense that can connect to the afterlife and that is very reassuring. And so the freesia are a visual reminder of life and death of love and sorrow. They smell beautiful and look amazing too.