16. Sep, 2021

And Now the Planting Begins

That load of agapanthus came out of this garden can you believe. Now I am planting with easy care bromeliads and succulents to give contrasts in colour and shape - bit like designing an art work really. The fence at the back is a bit grotty but I am not sure that it is worth painting. We might put up some plywood panels there for privacy and camouflage until the taller things at the back get established. It was a bit of a mission working in this garden as there were some seedling trees in this garden as well as the agapanthus and we couldn't get all the roots out so I have painted the roots with root stop and had to plant around them. This is out from the kitchen and dining room and there is enough space (in an L shape) to create a lovely little meditation/al fresco are between this and the house.