15. Sep, 2021

Overrun with agapanthus

Feeling a bit weary now. Agapanthus is a common plant but in New Zealand, if it is not controlled and the seed heads removed, it becomes invasive. I have spent the last three days digging out clumps - some of them quite big- to clear the section so we can have alternative planting. Here is the ute loaded to go to the dump to get rid of them. It is quite a heavy load and I am so glad to have this job completed. I am looking forward to getting the section at Mokau under control so I can enjoy getting back to some of my art work, but needs must as the devil drives. We are headed back down there again today but most of the really hard work is done now. The lawns are a mess but they will even out. The weather didn't exactly play ball as it was very wet - mainly at night so moving vehicles around on the lawn meant mud holes in places