11. Sep, 2021

Wild Seas

The first day we went down to Mokau for the cut back there were violent seas and a 5 m swell. Not the sort of weather you would want to be fishing in but wonderful for artistic inspiration. I am looking forward to wandering along the beach and gathering bits and pieces for my mixed media work. This sort of sea is more inspirational for that than the calmer days when playing in the water or going out over the bar to fish is more in vogue. Our place is a lttle way from the beach - probably a 10 minute walk. We looked at one place right on the beach but the sea roars in there and it is in the "red zone which means it could be in danger of eventually being eaten away by the ravaging Tasman sea. It would have been lovely to just walk out of the house and over one dune to the beach but probably not as safe as where we are. Some houses further down this street have already been demolished by the sea's activity.